Obviously like all products on the market, even air mattresses are of different types. Let’s take a little look at how they can be diversified and what are the types of inflatable mattresses currently on the market:

Air mattresses for domestic use:

They are usually of considerable thickness to be used even without the support of a slatted base; often they are equipped with an integrated electric pump to inflate comfortably and quickly.

Inflatable camping mats:

The reduced thickness and small dimensions, they are the most economical and designed to be used only for very short periods of time. Usually, they inflate with a manual pump, sometimes to be purchased separately.

Inflating self-inflating mattresses:

This we have already anticipated, exploit the vacuum to swell quickly once the valve is opened. They are very practical for this and welcome as a temporary solution for rest.

The inflatable mattress can then be distinguished by the materials used for the covering; the thickness, but above all for the price, which often includes numerous options, such as led lights, integrated cushions, electric stiffness regulator and USB sockets to recharge the mobile phone. Nowadays many people buy an inflatable mattress to use for trips, campsites, but also to rest guests, as a temporary situation.

The advantages of inflatable mattresses:

Let us now turn to what are the advantages of the inflatable mattress, for what reasons it is worthwhile to buy it and what are its advantages.

Rigidity adjustment:

High-end air mattresses often have an integrated electric pump for inflation, equipped with a mechanism to regulate inflation, hence stiffness. For double models, it is possible to choose two different rigidities.

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An inflatable mattress usually has a lower price than a memory, latex or spring mattress.


Inflatable mattresses, if not used, can be stored in a closet or in a corner, saving a lot of space during the day to be used only at night; this solution is sometimes practiced, especially abroad, by those who live in studios.

A plurality of use:

Due to its lightness, the inflatable mattress can be used both for rest, but also for leisure or relaxation. There are many models suitable for sleeping on the campsite, on the beach, outdoors or even in the water.